There are never enough resources

Today, interestingly enough, I found out that it is really hard to find native Japanese elementary, junior and senior highschool textbooks on the Japanese language when searching in English. Currently my textbook collection consists of English based Japanese language books, but I was thinking that it would be interesting to see the difference.


Also, I started using an app called Anki for my flashcards. So far it has been a good experience and I like the option to increase new daily words. I’m still learning Anki’s mysterious ways, but hopefully I’ll master it soon. And though I haven’t mentioned it yet, the baby shower for my daughter was amazing. So many family members and friends came to see us which was fun. And though I would’ve liked to talk to everyone a bit more indepth, there were a few I got to catch up with. Later that evening we went and saw Marvel’s Black Panther for my sister’s birthday which was awesome! The animations were beautiful and I love the panoramic scenes. Possibly a bit of my wife has rubbed off on me seeing as I am more into movie scenery than storyline. However, I couldn’t keep a plant alive to save my life. Now plant burial is more of my forte. Making toast topped with fresh tomato, basil, and topped with mozzarella or experimenting with basil rice is something I could get in to. I wonder what Aislin will be good at. That will be a few years from now, but I keep thinking of what I want to teach her. But, more importantly I keep thinking of how I’m going to take her likes, dislikes, fears, and emotions to make learning more impactful.

Koralee and I have been set on homeschooling her which has led to a several possible routes. Currently I’ve been set on just trying to wrap a global perspective around the core mandatory education. It is a bit more difficult than expected since each country has their own take on different events. For now I will have to teach her the core curriculum so she can pass her tests and keep up with her peers. At the same time I will be figuring out a way to communicate that not all views are complete, that you need to hear all sides and come to an educated conclusion. This kind of gives a whole new meaning to taking things with a grain of salt. Yet at the same time I feel it is this skepticism that creates a passion for learning and problem solving. All of this is my opinion and her opinion will start to develop and diverge from my own. But in the end it is an understanding and respect for the research effort with an open mind that will mold my views. Which will in turn direct her education more towards her passions. Only time will tell.

I’ve got a long day tomorrow with planning, work, and stress to boot. But, I’d love to hear about homeschooling methods and ideas if you’re willing to share!


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